Cum on sheets

How to remove semen stains

cum on sheets
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Sure, it might be a mood killer to run to the laundry room to treat a stain but your clothes will thank you. Removing stains from clothes depends slightly on what fabric your clothes are made of the best thing to remember is to use cool water because hot water can actually set organic stains. Try to keep the stain wet until you are able to treat it.

How To Remove Sex Stains From Anything

Your go-to semen stain removal guide from the Good Housekeeping Institute to help keep those sheets in top condition. Semen stains on the carpet should come out easily by sponging the affected area with a cool water and detergent solution. Follow by rinsing, then blotting with dry.
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How to Make a Beautiful Girl Jealous. - Deal with a semen stain promptly and it won't come back to haunt you.

Semen and bed sheets

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