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Family Guy is a cultural phenomenon., Play from beginning.

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Jasper is Brian Griffin 's cousin, a gay dog living in Los Angeles, and a self-declared rice-queen. He works at Club Med as a dance teacher, and let Brian stay in his apartment while Brian was a Hollywood "director. He is known for constantly using camp innuendo. Peterbus Unum " Peter brought Jasper home to be the family's new dog, much to Brian's surprise. Brian and Jasper seem to have a very close family relationship, often turning to one another when the other is in need. When Brian was struggling to be a director in Hollywood in " Brian Does Hollywood ", Jasper offered to put Brian in contact with some friends in the Porn-film industry. Brian proved successful at this career, but when the Griffin Family came to visit, Brian became so embarrassed that he attempted to cut them out of his life, so as to avoid them losing respect for him.


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  1. where “The Thin White Line” left off, introduced with a “Previously on Family Guy. the porn version of the Oscars, just in time for Brian to accept his award.

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