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How The Hood Wolf Lays The Pipe (2)

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By Andrew Hough.
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Did Duchess of Cambridge refer to pet dog Lupo instead of baby's sex?

Kate Middleton enjoyed some down time with her pooch as she went for a stroll in the London park.
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It details the adventures of Lupo Alberto, a blue wolf. The protagonist of the comic book, Lupo Alberto, takes the shape of the common man who has a goal in life and a certain amount of bad luck. Alberto, a resident of the McKenzie farm, always tries to steal a hen named Martha who is his girlfriend , but Moses, a sheepdog, is the obstacle to his plans and does everything to stop him. The conflicts between Alberto and Moses were the subject of the first strips of the series. Lupo Alberto made its first appearance in February , with some strips published by Silvestri in Corriere dei Ragazzi , a s magazine owned by Corriere della Sera. After a year, Dardo published the first series dedicated to this character.

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  1. What golden times for the popularity of the most beautiful and afeared of canine species.

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