Tease me deny me

Tease me, edge me, deny me

tease me deny me
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teasing and denying her pretty body || listen to her desperate whimpers

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One night, she came out again in the outfit she'd worn that night when she played an escort she herself had hired to tease me. It was a tight.
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We had played with chastity and tease and denial a bit.
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I can spend hours worshipping her full round ass cheeks, or adoring her heavy, swaying breasts and their full thick nipples. She uses her body to drive me crazy. I love our sex life.

It also has a few absolutely killer lines you know the kind I mean, where someone says something that presses just the right sexy button and gives you that hot feeling in the pit of your stomach? Yeah, it has some of those. When you ask me later why I did this to you, remember you asked me. Begged me, even. In as many words, you said you wanted some cumplay, and that I was to give you orders. When you return, I undo your jeans for you, sit you down, and kneel on the ground in front of you. You feel the warmth of my breath as I hover my lips millimetres from your cock.


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  1. A decent, gentle, rather than thrilling short erotica. Inexperienced, curious female sub meets dominant guy at a musashiko-pore-syon.xyz BDSM theme of.

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