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What men look for in a woman's face

Republish our articles for free, online or in print, under Creative Commons licence. And in, apparently, the only recourse available to us in the Internet age, Michelle penned an in-your-face-you-soulless-jerk open letter. Take that you, you heinous bastard! The story, of course, jabbed at all my tender spots. Here was a woman of pretty ordinary weight and, by most standards, extraordinary beauty, being rejected based on her appearance. Here was a woman who actually lived out the horror-show that Hollywood routinely hurls at us - and which, privately, those of us too sensitive for Tinder dread with our every surplus kilo - that the guy turns up and is horrified. Attraction is one of those quirky things whereby lashings of political correctness and the diligent social engineering by feminists to broaden beauty standards has scant impact.


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  1. I'm standing outside some shitty dive bar in the East Village with my friends Paul and Dale.

  2. And as if that were not enough, beautiful people live easier lives from the nurse who gives more attention to the pretty baby, the schoolteacher who is more likely to blame the ugly kids to the salary negotiations where beauty often results in a bigger paycheck.

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