Big dick stories

Just 17 Stories About Encounters With Really Big Penises

big dick stories
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Fucking My GF On Snapchat Story While Parents Are In The Other Room

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I went to shift the angle of my hips at the exact moment he broke rhythm and give me a surprise, extra hard and fast thrust. This completely destroyed my perineum.
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16 Women Reveal What Itís Like Having Sex With A ~GIGANTIC~ Penis

I dated a dude who was packing a footlong. T he sex was uncomfortable, at best, and he refused to go down on me.

BigDickStories! This sub is to brag about your big dick. Come tell us about your experience; weather you're a boy with a whopper, a girl who's.
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15 Big-Dick Horror Stories That'll Make You Quit Sex Forever

Size queens do exist sup! Maybe he showed you his throbbing member and you ran the other way.
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Laziest fucking lay in the world., How big?

21 Women Confess Their Most NSFW Big D*ck Stories



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